Just got back from the [MISG2008 conference]{http://www.sijm.ca/2008/en} where I gave a discussion of SCons uses for game development. We have been using SCons at Slant Six Games for our data build solution. We used it for SOCOM:Confrontation and we plan to use it for more in the future. My talk (which was shared by Paul Martin) focused on how well SCons fit for building data, mostly because of the correctness aspect of SCons (it uses MD5 hashing to determine dependency changes).

Anyway, I wanted to post about this talk and say that I’ve placed my source code for that talk, as well as the code for an article about SCons in my Mercurial repo.

I’m currently working out how to render python code nicely in b2evolution. Once I have I’ll finish posting my SCons articles.

If you are interested in a copy of the Slides for the MIGS talk, email me.

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